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Biofuels Guidance

This guidance note is to be used in combination with the Guidance for the storage and handling of biofuels at flling stations, which is available from the Energy Institute…

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Taking the risk out of risk assessment

Chris Ramshaw is a Director of PEIMF member, Hazardous Area Technical Training Ltd. He outlines the necessity yet simplicity of having a risk assessment. As a trainer working with many different companies from various industries, it never…

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To Foam Or Not To Foam

When the use of resin generated foam (as an alternative solution for decommissioning tanks and filling void spaces) was introduced to the industry over 25 years ago, it was welcomed as an innovative and…

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Keep Your Fuel In Good Condition

It used to be the case that water and fuel don’t mix. Wrong! The ethanol in petrol and the FAME in diesel and heating oil are hygroscopic so readily absorb water and will continue to do so until they…

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Free Insurance Healthcheck

Peter Jackaman of Jackaman Insurance Services (otherwise known as Haztrade Select) has been placing non-standard insurance contracts for over 30 years. It has become really apparent to him that…

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Choosing The Right Fuel Pump

Fuel pumps and dispensers come in many different forms with varying capabilities and functionality. Choosing the right equipment can be a minefield for the unprepared customer. Whilst a few lines here will never be enough to provide…

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Birth Of The PEIMF

Jeff Young has been involved with the PEIMF from its very humble beginnings. Long-term committee member (more latterly as treasurer), Jeff was a prime mover in creating our federation. We’ve had many requests over…

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Air Quality Helped By LPG

Air quality is a cause for concern, especially in urban areas. According to a recent DEFRA report, light-duty diesel vehicles “had not delivered the expected emission reductions in real world use.” This is compared to,,,

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