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Birth Of The PEIMF

Jeff Young has been involved with the PEIMF from its very humble beginnings. Long-term committee member (more latterly as treasurer), Jeff was a prime mover in creating our federation. We’ve had many requests over…

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Air Quality Helped By LPG

Air quality is a cause for concern, especially in urban areas. According to a recent DEFRA report, light-duty diesel vehicles “had not delivered the expected emission reductions in real world use.” This is compared to,,,

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This guidance supersedes and expands on all guidance given in previous PETELs on the subject, and forms part of a series of PETELs issued as part of the PELG-PETEL series from 2012 onwards by the Petroleum Enforcement Liaison Group (PELG), a…

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Standard Temperature Accounting (STA) introduces a correction whereby fuel is sold according to what its volume would be at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. In the forecourt industry, the term for equipment used to…

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Forecourt Regs

From 1st October 2014, major changes were put in place to remove licensing, and introduce new regulations that affect forecourt operators, petroleum inspectors and contractors working on petrol stations…

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